Stalkers in Talvivaara MINING ZONES

Cultural Cooperative Colours of Life
Kulttuuriosuuskunta Elonkirjo

Manuscript, director:

Hannu Hyvönen

Filming started in 2011 and the aim is to publish the documentary for international distribution in spring 2014.

Funding and support:

The documentary is an independent production totally based on voluntary work and collective funding.
We are currently seeking funding for the undertaking of last filmings, paying licenses, editing, post production and film distribution.

You can support our production

1. You can order a DVD-copy of the film beforehand. When the film is published, a DVD-copy of the film will be sent to all who have supported the film production with 50 euros or more. The price includes the right to arrange public showings with free entrance.
2. You can also help funding the Stalkers in Talvivaara Mining Zone by ordering the award-winning documentary "Last yoik in Saami forests?", another film by the director. The film has never been shown in Finnish television but is well known within the enviromental movement and among indigenous people, and has been shown in the Swedish and Estonian state televisions and in film festivals in several countries. This documentary gained international attention, which brought light on the forest battle fought by the Sami against intensive timber extracting on their lands and had a positive influence on the outcome: the state-owned forest company Metsähallitus had to give up clearcutting valuable and very slowly growing forests in the Upper Lappland.
The price of the DVD is 50 euros and includes the right to arrange public showings with free entrance.

If you want to order DVD's and/or become one of our funding partners, please contact
tel +358408317733

Media connections:

We`re seeking co-operation with documentarists and distributors
interested in the issues. A part of the footage shot for the film can be found on the Stop Talvivaara movement's youtube channel.
The clips are available for the international media. Please get in touch to discuss terms of use.
Hannu Hyvönen
Director and producer
tel +358442003654