The Documentary project is searching crowd funding. If you feel the film important you can support with a sum possible for you. The support is compensable ig. to the supporters we promise:

1. Pre-ordering of the film and the book

You can support the project pre-ordering a dvd-film and a book. We mail you the package in the turn of the year 2014-2015 if you have supported at least with 50 euros.

2. Invitation card to the premiere and celebration supper with program

In the premiere weekend we arrange screenings and after them living food celebration supper with program. You get a supportive invitation card with 100 euros for this event. We shall inform about the premiere one month before the event.

3. You can participate supporting also with small sums. We e-mail all supporters a downlown link for material of the film which will be publised in internet.

4. Documentary project arranged Dr Dana FlavinsĀ“ workshop on alternative cancer healing and health issues in Finland in October 2014. The workshop was great and important and we are happy to publish dvd- publication of the informative lectures. You can support both Dr Flavins work and our documentary project by ordering the dvd -copy. The price, including mailing/shipping costs, 50 euros.


Account owner:
Kulttuuriosuuskunta Elonkirjo/ Cultural co-operative Elonkirjo

IBAN -ACCOUNT: FI6450680620097343

Bank address: Pohjois-Savon Op , Savonkatu 17, 74100 Iisalmi, Finland

Add to the references: your name, E-mail address and postal address

E-mail the information about support also straight to the Documentary group:

Hearthfull and Lightfull thanks for all financial supporters !

You can also support the project by telling persons who could be involved as persons we interviev: healed persons, doctors, nurses, nutritional educators or who have a lifestyle company on the field like producing sprouts, shoots or wheatgrass or education/courses on raw vegan food/living food or a raw vegan food restaurant etc. in Finland or abroad.

Contacts to the Director wellcome: Virpi Virolainen,

tel. +358408317733 ( in Finland 040 8317733 )

You can support the filmmaking also by meditation or praying or accommodating our small filmgroup. We juice greenjuice and make a living food meal daily on film shooting trips also: you can join in and have a conversation with us in your home when you lend us your kitchen for food making/juicing.

You can support our work also by telling about the project to people, who could accommodate the tiny film group or support it financially, spiritually or otherwise.

At the same time with the film we`re making a book on same issues.


Working plan and Timetable